Artist Statement

Rhythm and light.

These are the two elements that come to play in most everything I do.

The rhythm of the drum, the train, the horse passing by my window; the farmers in Star Valley, pausing in their rhythm to stand and wave, the sunflowers turning with the sun.

My lines of late are born from shadows, sculpting the source of light, always retained by the limitations of the boxed canvas.

These works, created in the last 3 months, all have their own story, and they will speak differently to each person that will take the time to listen.

Of those who have influenced my life, one person has had the greatest impact on my work.

George Diestel, a retired scenic artist, had worked in Hollywood during an era when movies were made in the studio. He had worked on The Sound Of Music, among many, many others (the graveyard scene towards the end was his).

In 1991/92, I had the honor of working with him. He had been flown in from LA to work on two sets for a Milwaukee children’s theater (The Secret Garden, and Wind In The Willows). Everyday was full of lessons and stories, particularly during lunch, when we would find a local greasy spoon, and the stories would flow with the coffee.

I realize now, decades later, that his influence is in everything I do.

He inspired the large wet blended walls, the shadows and light, all of the tools and techniques, some of which are relatively simple. He had so many sayings. “Don’t make it too good, they’ll want it all the time”.

One of the first things he said was “That green needs some red in it”. Basic color theory. Complimentary colors neutralize each other.

It’s only paint. Make a mistake, and learn by fixing.

I have worked for most of the theaters in the Milwaukee/Madison area in addition to our local theater scene. In the last 20 years, I have been applying these same painting techniques into homes and businesses.

Now I have concentrated this view into these small pieces.

This is a rebirth.

I am humbled, and pleased to be sharing these with you.

John Tully

December, 2014



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